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I hope that you will support my campaign!


Please provide the following information:

(Regulations require this information)


Name ________________________

Address ______________________

City ___________ State _____  Zip _________

Occupation __________ Employer  ______________


I Will Help By:

□ You may use my name in publicity        □ Displaying a yard sign

□ Distributing literature in my neighborhood


Please Mail To:

Mark Sorensen for Chico City Council 2014

1380 East Avenue #124-113

Chico, CA 95926

530-588-0020           FPPC: 1369045


NOTICE: Chapter 1.30 of the Chico Municipal Code limits the total amount of contributions to a candidate seeking election to the city council and to a committee supporting or opposing a city council candidate to $500 per contributor. In addition, each such candidate or committee is required to publicly report the amount of each contribution received and the name, address, occupation and employer of each contributor.